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D66 member Van Drimmelen kicks off as board responds to the #metoo lawsuit on Friday

Famous D66 member Frans van Drimmelen has temporarily resigned from consulting firm Döge & van Drimmelen. This can be read in a short post on the advisory website on Sunday. The party board promised to share its findings on the matter on Friday. Van Drimmelen fell out of favor again last weekend after a report by Volkskrant. This showed that an influential party strategist in the past was indeed guilty of illegal conduct. The secret part of the report that ended on this issue has been in the hands of party leaders for years. This conclusion was not included in the public part of the report, which was made public last year. "Last Saturday, de Volksrant mentioned in an article a study by BING on cross-border behavior in D66, where our colleague is named in French," the statement said. “The situation is extremely painful, distressing and detrimental to all involved. "At our office, the partners discussed the publication and developments on the subject. After